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  • Write the rules
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  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, make your own 13 questions
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  1. I've had my ears pierced since I was like 6~ish
  2. I'm the best mothafucking reader and I'll brag that anytime
  3. I'd go gay for Harley Quinn
  4. I spent 2 months avoiding coursework, did it all in the night it was due and got the best grade in the class
  5. I love orange flavored sweets but no where makes them FUC
  6. I'm a mass comic book nerdo
  7. In sims 3/4 I can get a sim married and preggers in a snap
  8. I spend basically 12 hours a day asleep
  9. I went on a kinder-egg craze to collect all three sharks and dragons but I'm missing one last dragon
  10. I am now obsessed with candy sticks, mainly for the COOL KID TATS BRYUH
  11. I've read all the A song of ice and fire series books, I'M WAITN GRRM
  12. am hoarder pls giv stuffff
  13. I like minecraf am good at build hut

1) What color are your eyes?
man idk like brown i think, fuc bruh theres like grey or some shit in the edges

2) What is your favorite TV program?
from the few I've watched probably Jessica Jones

3) Your opinion on tattoos? Do you want/have any?
think they aight, wanna get some where I've put the fake tattoos from my candy boxes, so like batman logo and superman, maybe hotwheels somewhere lol

4) Your opinion on piercings? Do you want/have any?
they cool but I'm like squeamish with some facial piercings, I got my ears pierced, theres like some small tubes that keep them open so I don't have to wear them all the time :)

5) Are you a cat or a dog person?
I like both but I'm allergic to cats so I'm more keen on dogs

6) Favorite music genre?
I never really listened to music so I don't mind any genre, think I listen to pop the most tho

7) Favorite cold drink?

8) Do you have any birthmarks? If so where?
nah but I do have a mole on my left leg and I always forget it exists

9) Have you ever had surgery?
nah but when I was like little I got a splinter in my thumb and it was big but my dad didn't take me to hospital til like a day later lol it was gross apparently, I always remembered it, and I got a scar in my eyebrow cus i slipped on a car door LMAO got it super-glued by a doctor

10) What do you aspire to be?
clinical psychologist, wanna help ppl <3

11) Sunrise or sunset?
sunrise, night too spooky

12) Favorite song lyrics right now?

13) Are you double-jointed anywhere? If so where?
naw I swear I'm like negative jointed

1. Whos yo boos?
2. Have you ever seen A Very Potter Musical, and what do you think?
3. Whats your FAVE animal?
4. Do you like any comics?
5. Do you like sharks? (HAMMERHEAD)
6. Whats your jam man?
7. Ever had candy sticks and the sick TATS?
8. Do you have a fave book or series?
9. If you could do anything for a day what would you do?
10. Fave game(s)?
11. How do you spend your free time usually?
12. Fave chocolate?
13. Whats your clothing preferences (accessories included)?

I tag (yo how do tag lol)
bruh i legit only know u on here


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United Kingdom
Sup. I like pizza.


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